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Retire the days of anxiously scrambling to get things ready for April 15th.  We consistently meet with our clients year-round to provide strategic tax planning and preparation so there’s never a surprise.  We stay up to date on current tax laws to minimize your tax liabilities and to maximize your future opportunities so you can meet your financial goals.


We’ll give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your financial data is being responsibly and securely managed - let us check a few items off your to-do list.


Tax planning should be an essential part of any individual’s overall financial plan.  This strategic practice aims to reduce one’s tax burden by leveraging applicable tax exemptions, rebates, and other benefits.  We’ll help craft a plan to ensure all elements work together to allow you to pay the lowest taxes possible. 

Tax planning with Old House includes current tax-year projections, a thorough discussion of your long-term goals, and recommendations for strategies in regard to deductions, credits, deferrals, entity selection, and long-term planning.


Planning for tax season can be stressful, and even confusing.  Trying to keep up with the ever-evolving tax code, ensuring you’re applying all the correct deductions and credits, and navigating your way through complex forms can pose a daunting task.

Tax preparation with Old House includes tax returns for individuals, partnerships, and corporations, and assisting with filing and tax payments. As with all of our services, this can be done remotely or in-office - it’s up to you!


The IRS may send you a notice for a variety of reasons, including unpaid balances, questions or changes regarding your tax return, needing to verify your identity, or needing additional information. 

At Old House, we’ll assist you with understanding and responding to any notices you may receive and can serve as your power of attorney to help resolve any issues that may pop up.


An abatement is a reduction or an exemption on the level of taxation faced by an individual or company.  Examples include a tax decrease, a reduction in penalties, or rebates.  If you overpay your taxes, or receive a tax bill that is incorrectly high, you can request an abatement from the tax authorities. 

At Old House, we’ll assist you in navigating these situations, including any abatement penalties if you are eligible.


An underpayment penalty is a fine levied by the IRS on taxpayers who don't pay enough of their estimated taxes or have enough withheld from their wages, or who pay late.

At Old House, we may be able to assist you with penalty reduction based on your situation. 

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